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• Power Rinse
• Air Powered Soap Foam Cannon
• Sap & Bug Removal
• Degrease Door Jams
• Degrease & Acid Rims
• Degrease Tires & Wheel Wells
• Exterior Hand Wash
• High Powered Air Dry
• Tire Shine
• Silk & Shine Rubber + Plastic Trims
• Windows & Side View Mirrors
• Clay Bar
• Ceramic Sealant

$175 – $275*

• Garbage Removal
• Complete Interior Vacuum
• Complete Steam Clean
• Door Panels
• Dashboard
• Center Console
• Gauge Cluster
• Grab Handles
• Headliner
• Seat Belts
• Steering Wheel
• Shampoo Carpets & Mats
• High Power Stain Removal
• Mirrors
• UV Vinyl Protectant
• Windows

$150 – $200*

Are you crunched for time and want your ride to look presentable? Then this package may be the
perfect fit. A simple refresh of your vehicle will give it life again!
• Garbage Removal
• Complete Wipe Down
• Windows
• Complete Vacuum
• Mirrors
• Rims & Tires
• Exterior Wash
• Tire Shine

$80 – $100*

This package does a restorative procedure on your dull and or discoloured headlights which may increase light output from a range of 50 – 100%.


This package does a complete degreasing and steaming of your engine bay and the underside of the hood. Protective spray is then applied to all plastic and rubber parts, leaving a clean shine.


This package does a complete cut and finish polish on your vehicle to remove many paint defects such as light to medium scratches, faded paint, water spots and swirl marks.

$250 – $500*

Searching for something that the routine refresh just doesn’t offer? Have a look at the Full Detail Package. This includes all the benefits from the Full Interior Detail and the Full Exterior Detail packages but at a combined lower cost! This service will leave your vehicle looking and smelling fresh like never before.

• Full Interior Detail Package
• Full Exterior Detail Package

$250 – $400*

Are you thinking it might be time to sit behind the wheel of something amazing? This package is for the passionate car owners out there who are looking beyond the simple shine. Our meticulous Enthusiast Package builds upon the Full Detail Package by offering the rejuvenation of your engine bay back to its former glory with a thorough degreasing + steam clean followed by a surface protectant spray. Hazy headlights? No problem, we will polish those out for you, maximizing nighttime visibility. This package is the ultimate expression of your automotive passion and will turn heads for all the right reasons.

• Full Interior Detail Package
• Engine Bay
• Full Exterior Detail Package
• Headlight Polish

$325 – $450*


Some prices may vary from the stated amounts if your vehicle is heavily soiled, has pet hair, major spills, or if your vehicle has severe paint defects which requires more intesive labour from the cut & polish package.